In January of 2012, Line Break traveled with a group of people from around the United States to Fortaleza, Brazil. Organized by the creators of Ciclovida: Lifecycle, this group of people was greeted by a Brazillian counterpart equal in size to participate in an encontro together. We traveled around Fortaleza and greater Ceará, learning from and building solidarity with communities fighting to establish and maintain a sustainable relationship to the land.

One such community was Trilha do Senhor – a community in the heart of Fortaleza that stands on the brink of destruction at the hands of the Brazilian Government, the FIFA World Cup & its sponsors. Trilha do Senhor is one of 22 communities in Fortaleza, Brazil facing displacement, together known as “Comunidades do Trilho“.

Inspired by the courage and camaraderie of this community in the face of imminent destruction and displacement, the encontro committed to sharing their story and “Rooting for the Home Team” was born.

This video was produced by Line Break in collaboration with Comunidades do Trilhos, and the graphics were designed by Matt Wells.