We started Line Break to support individuals, groups and movements seeking to operate at the root level – illuminating the histories of how we got here, documenting what people are doing on the ground for a just, joyful and balanced society, and co-creating a blueprint for how to arrive at this world we are imagining. We approach our work with some fundamental beliefs and practices:

  • We are guided by a spirit of collaboration and co-creation: we and our clients are doing work, together.
  • Our work together is informed by critical study of history, as well as recognition of the historical and systemic contexts our clients face.
  • We design our collaborations to aim for three levels of impact:
    1. In the current moment: achieving your immediate objectives, such as turning people out for your cause, meeting a fundraising goal, or building awareness and analysis of your issue.
    2. For the near future: building tools, skills, understanding, and language to strengthen efforts down the road.
    3. Towards long-term social transformation: elevating your most visionary values to shift the dominant culture toward social justice and radical love.
  • We recognize that the media* for sharing stories are always changing, but that storytelling itself is primal. We stay on top of cutting-edge technological changes, and we honor and center the human roots of storytelling in our work. We affirm that historically marginalized communities are the original storytellers for social justice, and have been throughout history.
  • We appreciate that most of the narratives we work with are not ours, and hold the tension of this reality. We strive to build the most effective channels for peoples’ stories to shine through as their own, while remaining clear-eyed that applying our communications and media services will play a role in shaping the story.
  • We move in our work as both learners and teachers. We welcome the joy and challenge of honing our skills and continuing to deepen our practice of solidarity, and we cultivate active mentorship of aspiring storytellers, media makers, and movement builders.

* In the plural sense. Yeah, it sounds weird…we’re going for grammar here. This includes the fact that even our bodies and voices (as media) change every day.